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MIG Welding (GMAW)

MIG welding, otherwise known as Gas Metal Arc Welding is the most common welding variety. MIG welders use a wire feed gun and spool the wire into the weld arc. A person can MIG weld carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium, and more. MIG welding incorporates itself across many industries. You will find MIG welders in the automotive, construction, and steel manufacturing industries.

Automotive & Transportation

Aluminum and the automotive industry are now becoming synonymous. MIG welding aluminum has now become common-place. These industries enjoy the quick work of MIG welding on their chassis, body parts and more. The quality of these welds give vehicle components a long and durable lifespan.

Construction & Invention

Developed at Battelle Memorial Institute in 1948 for non ferrous metals. MIG is now a staple of structural steel construction industry. The invention of the MIG welder gave way to high production and volume welding ability. MIG welding found its home in the industrial and structural construction industries.


With a majority of the demand being in fabrication shops. Many of which end up producing for construction and automotive sectors. Plus other exciting industries like Agriculture and Mining. With the easy to use MIG welder, in comparison to other methods. It’s still a great field to begin a career in.


The common characteristic of MIG welding is the wire feed unit found within the power supply. A trigger switch on the gun engages all functions like sending power to the electrode. The electrode, or wire, made from various metals depending on what you are welding. Wire types such as mild steel, aluminum, manganese, titanium, are available. The switch can also engage a shielding gas flow out of the nozzle of the gun. Shielding gas prevents atmosphere from affecting the molten weld puddle. Many shielding gas mixtures work with MIG welding machines. The most important part of the switch enables the wire feeding mechanism itself. These parts come together to make the welding process easy and automatic.


MIG welding is a forgiving welding process, allowing you flexibility. You do not have to maintain a precise arc length, or feed filler metal into the weld. This is where MIG welding creates speed unlike TIG welding. MIG has become one of the most popular processes to use.


CWB Certified / Certified to CSA W48-14, class B-G49A3C1S6, B-G49A3CG6 conform, AWS/SFA/ABS A5AND ASME SFA 5.1B

Applications: Industrial and general fabrication, construction equipment, farming equipment, piping

General purpose wire for all mild steel applications.

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