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About Us

WeldM is the brainchild of Bo Raducu and Curtis Pel. Two entrepreneurs who like working with their hands, brought together by a passion for welding, building and technology. To bring you an easily accessible, ever growing selection of welding supplies, consumables, materials and accessories.
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Curtis has a history in the construction and softwood lumber business. He has a passion for wood, metal and entrepreneurship. He currently lives in Kelowna, British Columbia with his family.
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For the first part of his life, Bo grew up on a traditional farm. After exploring different parts of the world, he became captivated by all things technology. Helping others along the way achieve their goals.
The idea of selling welding supplies over the internet was brought up over a cold beer in Maui with Barry-Hamel. Barry Hamel was the first company in Western Canada to supply Lincoln Electric products, their business has evolved over 60 years. Barry-Hamel equipment was starting to have their own branded MIG wire made and wanted a new marketplace to sell this wire. This is where WeldM stepped in and now they support our venture into welding supply

The welding business is all about partnerships all the while, forging long lasting relationships with customers and vendors. We are in the beginning stages of this growth, however our partners at Barry Hamel support our efforts in reaching new markets and sales channels in Canada.

We thought about all the people in Canada and the States whom do not live next to, or close to a welding supplier. Now they have one when they want it and where they need it.


WeldM’s core mission is to create value and save time for North American welders and fabrication shops. WeldM delivers products to you, so you can deliver your best work to the world.
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We want to hear back from you. As always, your feedback is imperative to our growth as a company. We encourage your feedback and conversations, and look forward to speaking with you.

Because a passion for welding is universal!

Welding Supplies, without breaking the budget

WeldM allows you to shop for welding filler material and welding accessories online. WeldM wants to make your time welding enjoyable. Using our wire will allow for great transfer of idea to finished product. WeldM takes your order and our shippers get a notification to get the order on the road right away. Whether you are shopping for TIG electrodes or a roll of MIG wire to repair your tractor, WeldM has it all.

For those starting out with welding as a career or hobby, we have made it even easier. With 60 years experience, our great products come with a helpful overview. We can offer use cases, compatibilities, and know-how to make your welds a little better. WeldM provides you with the right welding consumables to get your project done.


WeldM would like to give you more options than your average Big Box Store has. Here at WeldM we want your money to go further and get you big rolls of wire at a great price. We also want to hear from you, how can we make you a better welder? Let us know and we will do our best to supply what you need. We aim to get your order on the road as soon as possible so you can get started on that next project. If you are a TIG welding expert or you are laying down your first MIG welds, let us supply you with the right products.

The welding industry has not changed much over the past few decades. We’ve made it easier for you to get your MIG and TIG supplies in an online world. Now with a modern accessibility portal, you’re not compromising on product selection. While at the same time, getting the same product quality you’ve come to trust for your fabrication needs. Access to your WeldM portal allows you to keep track of your past orders and even product arrivals.

The best welds have no borders

Well, right now they do. Weldm customers are being serviced coast to coast across Canada. Soon WeldM will be getting our great products to our customers across America. Sign up for our mailing list and get updates on our inventory, deals and discounts. Are you a business or fab shop? You can sign up for a subscription and WeldM will send you orders as you need them.

Because the love of building and creating is universal, WeldM helps with a great budget.